Keen Research LLC

We are a San Francisco Bay Area based software consulting and development firm. 

iOS Development, Automated Speech Recognition, proof of concept demos and prototypes, language learning and automated assessment, music and signal processing.

Objective C, C++, Kaldi, SQL, RoR, Matlab, Linux, system architecture, technical management.

Select Projects and Clients

  1. KaldiIOS Framework: An iOS framework that provides on-device automated speech recognition functionality based on Kaldi.
  2. Multiply With Me: iOS app that helps kids learn and practice multiplication facts. Using automated speech recognition, the app allows kids to practice multiplication facts using their voice; it also provides several learning activities and a fun times-table game. The app uses KaldiIOS Framework our own port of Kaldi ASR engine to iOS, and in-house trained acoustic models.
  3. Tunezee / Shazam: in 2007 we spun off Tunezee, a music search startup that leveraged time synchronized lyrics metadata and advance text search to allow users to find music. Lyrics/audio synchronization algorithms were invented in-house. Tunezee assets were acquired by Shazam in 2010, where they now power the Lyric Play feature in Shazam’s app.
  4. Stanford Technology Ventures Program: from 2006 until 2016 we supported STVP’s software development needs. What started as a simple rehaul of their eCorner webapp turned into a long-lasting relationship. During this period we developed and supported multiple releases of STVP’s eCorner web app, multiple WordPress sites, and we took ownership and rehauled the eCorner iOS app.
  5. Aphasia Simulations: we collaborated with Dr. Jackie Hinckley to create several online activities which help families and caregivers understand what it might be like to have aphasia.
  6. vSync: our automated subtitles/captions online service. For a given media (audio or video file) and its corresponding transcript, the system automatically time-synchronizes the two and creates subtitles in one of many different formats. The platform also supports translation workflow.
  7. Rosetta Stone: working with the product group in their San Francisco office, we developed a functional specification for the adaptive automated spoken language assessment platform.
  8. Pearson Assessment Group: in collaboration with Tasso Partners we developed a fully functional prototype iOS app for a language test for K-8 English Language Learners. The final version of the prototype consisted of 25 activities (many more were implemented and evaluated), capturing audio, gestures (touches/moves), typing, etc.. In addition to iOS development we helped with the design of the activities, their iterative refinements, as well as with the field trials and data collection. Later on, Pearson further refined the prototype and turned it into a TELL product.